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HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery replacement-HP HSTNH-L05C-WL battery

This PDA battery is compatible with HP HSTNH-L05C-WL. It is also compatible with some other PDA models and battery part numbers, you can see the details below

HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery replacement (Li-ion 2800mAh)

This is a PDA battery (Pocket PC battery) replacement for HP HSTNH-L05C-WL; It is rigorously tested, with UL, CE, UK safety approval; meets or exceeds original HP HSTNH-L05C-WL battery's specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty. If your original battery's capacity is different from our battery's capacity, but they have same voltage, there should be no problem to use the replacement battery.

HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery's photo

Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New), 1 year warranty
HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery's specification:
Product Code: P1026
Item ID: [1-608-108918]
Type: Li-ion
Volt: 3.7V
Capacity: 2800mAh
Color: Black
Length: 63.10x53.60x12.25mm
Weight: 75g
Price: US $19.85
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Please ensure the battery that you are going to buy fits your PDA's brand, model number and battery's part number.
This rechargeable HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery can replace the original battery of the following part numbers:


This rechargeable HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery is also compatible with the following PDA (Pocket PC) model numbers:

iPAQ hx2000
iPAQ hx2100
iPAQ hx2110
iPAQ hx2115
iPAQ hx2190
iPAQ hx2195
iPAQ hx2400
iPAQ hx2410
iPAQ hx2415
iPAQ hx2490
iPAQ hx2495
iPAQ hx2700
iPAQ hx2750
iPAQ hx2755
iPAQ hx2790
iPAQ hx2795
iPAQ rx3000
iPAQ rx3100
iPAQ rx3115
iPAQ rx3400
iPAQ rx3417
iPAQ rx3700
iPAQ rx3715

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PDA Battery Tips:

A new HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery usually comes with low capacity. You can use it firstly until it is fully discharged, then please fully charge the battery. It needs three to four discharge/charge cycles to achieve maximum capacity of the battery.

Do not expose the HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery directly to sunlight. Do not disassemble the battery, as that will result in leakage of electrolytic substances.

Do not dispose of used PDA battery with other ordinary solid wastes, since they contain toxic substances. Always dispose of used PDA battery in accordance with the prevailing community regulations that apply to the disposal of batteries.

Keep the HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery away from metal objects to avoid short circuit of the battery's terminals.

Do not store the HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery completely discharged. A 50% charge is optimum for storage. Self-discharge on a depleted PDA battery may trigger the built-in protection circuit which will hold back a recharge.


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  • 100% brand new and original manufacturer compatible.
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We offer high quality low priced HP HSTNH-L05C-WL PDA battery replacement-HP HSTNH-L05C-WL battery, safe payment via Paypal. Enjoy online buying the replacement PDA battery for HP HSTNH-L05C-WL at